Features of Spy Bubble Cell Phone Spy Software

Features of Spybubble Cell Phone Spy Software:

1. Call Tracking: See the numbers that your children or employees have called. Or what numbers have called them. In addition, you can see how many calls were made to each number, at what time they were made, and how long each call lasted. Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phone's memory, you can see it.

 2.  SMS Tracking: You can read any message that was received or sent from the phone. The messages are logged into your SpyBubble account as they are generated, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them.

3.   GPS Location Tracking:  You can track the exact position of the phone using Google Maps. Find out if junior is really at the library or if your employee is really stuck in traffic.

4.  Phone Book Access: SpyBubble lets you see EVERY phone number that's registered on the memory of the phone!

5.  Email Tracking:   With Email Tracking SpyBubble will log each and every incoming and outgoing email in case they are trying to hide something via email.

6.  URL Tracking:  SpyBubble logs all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser... you'll be able to see if someone has been viewing something they shouldn't be viewing!

7.  Photo Tracking:  SpyBubble uploads all photos being clicked by phone's camera to a web server where you can view them.

  These are the main features of Spy bubble Basic Software, there is also a Pro version of this software with more advanced features. Just follow the link below to check it out.

How to Spy on the Samsung Galaxy 3

 Ok so you have a loved one that has a Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone and you want to know what they are doing on this smartphone. Samsung Galaxy 3 Spy Software will allow you to spy on text messages, track them via GPS maps, view contacts, view phone conversations and much more.

  Say you are trying to stop future problems, you long onto the Spybubble Samsung Galaxy 3 Spy software and you view text messages from your teenager. This may allow you to see what they are planning so then you can either stop them right there and save them from trouble or even track them via the GPS tracking software to see if they are going somewhere they should not be. Either way this software can really help you to stop future problems just with basic cellphone spy software. For more info and features on this software check out the link below.

Spy on Text Messages on the Samsung Galaxy S3

  Looking for a Spy Software that will allow you to Spy on Text Messages on the Samsung Galaxy S3. I would recommend the Spybubble Samsung Galaxy Spy Software.  This software can really come in handy for many different reasons. It has features that will allow you to see and view just about anything that is being done on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

  The first major thing you are searching for is how this Spy software handles spying on text messages.  It will allow you to view and read text messages that are sent and received. You can also view who they are sending these messages to. With every detail covered this software can really give you insight into what someone is thinking and maybe help them stop there next move that could cause future troubles.

  This cell phone surveillance software can also show GPS location of the cellphone that is being tracked. It will  give you exact location via Google Maps. Also some other great features is that it allows you to view there contacts list as well as some other great features. For more info on what this cellphone surveillance software can do just follow the link below or click to download it now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Spy Software

 The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the hottest phones on the market so your bound to know someone that has one. At some point you may decide you need Spy Software for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This spy software can really help you in many different ways. It has many great features that can help solve some problems in your life, below we are going to discuss some of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Spy Software.

  This Samsung Galaxy S3 Spy Software will allow you to track the smartphone you are monitoring with a GPS tracking program that will give you detailed location tracking via Google Maps. This can really come in handy if you have a teenager that may be getting into something that should not be. If you can track them down you may be able to stop them from causing future problems for themselves or even for you.

  This spy software also will allow you to view there text messages, who they are sending and receiving them from, view there contact list and who they may be talking to along with many other great features that you can check out below.

Why would I need Spy Software for the Samsung Galaxy

   You may be thinking Spy Software for the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be cool but why would I need it? Well basically if you want to know anything that is going on with a smartphone then this Samsung Galaxy S3 Spy Software is the program for you.

  Samsung Galaxy Spy will allow your to spy on text messages (sent and received). It will allow you to track the phone user via GPS which is powered by google maps so it will give you exact locations.  Another feature is that it allows you to view there contact list as well as incoming and outgoing calls.  For More Info on this Spy Software check out the link below or click the download now button to get it now!